changes are afoot

Thursday afternoon I got a call from my boss telling me that he'd just gotten a call from another manager who had a job offer for me.

This sounds weird, I realize.  The backstory is that we had a major re-org here earlier this year.  As part of that re-org they had too many people in the new division (2 business divisions became 1) and offered a voluntary separation package.  To which they got more than twice the people they'd expected to take it.  So they went from too many, to too few.

At that point a handful of departments were identified as have potential people who could be laterally moved and not backfilled. Thus keeping much of the downsize.  So while everyone gets asks to pick up a little more work, where ISN'T that happening and for 150 or so people its creating great opportunities.

So, yes, I got this call from my boss saying he had a manager wanting to offer me one of these jobs.  HR fast tracked these placements, there were no formal interviews, nothing.  They strictly went off internal resumes and performance management.  Then the other shoe dropped.  The job is in Cary, NC.  Which is pretty much THE best spot in the company in the US when you work for a midwest based ag company.

I accepted the offer yesterday.  I am waiting to hear on start dates, relocation, etc.  Expect a few more posts from me than normal. :D

One great dad

This is mostly a placeholder. I have a lot to say, but not enough time to say it.

My father passed away friday night from a massive heart attack.  He was 73 and married to my mother for 51+ years. 

He's being buried in national cemetary in Keokuk, IA tomorrow.

He was not always an easy man to like, but he always had my love and respect.  He did the best he could for his kids and his wife.  That meant working long hours, being the disciplinarian and being the loudest voice at any event my brother and I participated.

He loved life.  He loved sports.  He loved eating. He loved his family. And I will miss him.

worky work, busy bee

Well, its not really been all that busy at work, but I've been so busy since this weekend that I just want a night off to veg.  Sadly tonight is not that night.  We're having Joe's parents over for a late Mothers Day dinner since she was out of town on Mothers Day. The good thing is that I have nearly everything ready - which is part of why my week has been so busy.

Saturday - I added the engine cage and highway pegs to my motorcyle.  Which was a bit frustrating, but very straightforward.  The only real issue was that I couldn't find the right size wrench for the longest time.  Apparently 11mm is common around our house cause that size was missing from every set.  I finally had joe check the jeep and he had on in that kit.  My bike isn't really tall enough and long enough to get a really good stretch with the pegs, but  its nice to know I'll be able to shift around when I'm on a longer ride.  Then we cleaned the garage in an effort to get both bikes, the jeep and my Torrent in a configuration that made it all accessible.  Whew.  Its a tight fit.

Oh yeah, Joe bought a bike.  totally floored me when he announced that he wanted one.  He did some digging around and found one of the old Hondamatics that they made in the late 70's/early 80's.  Its in faboo condition and is really easy to ride.  He's gotten his permit and is up to riding around the neighborhood, but hadn't hit the main roads yet.  The weather has been cold and crappy and generally bleh.

Then we had his dad over for dinner on saturday since his mom was outta town.  

Sunday was our anniversary and we were lazy in the morning and early afternoon, then went out for dinner (a potentially bad idea on mothers day, btw) and walked into to a packed house.  We went to ask what the wait was and when we told them only two, were seated immediately.  The group just in front of us of 4 were told an hour+, so it worked out like a charm.  Then we did some shopping and went home and had cake and wine. :)

Monday night I made 3 pans of lasagna and a jello cake.  One of the pans is for dinner tonight, so other than making the salads, everything should be done for dinner tonight...whew!  My newest Jello cake was a hit at Bingo last night (it was a devil foods cake mix, with black cherry jello and whipped topping w/cherry extract added in).

Tuesday nights are always bingo and I went in to help joe for an hr and a half.  Then went home to start the cleanup for company and he called me and told me he's got the day off today so I can leave the cleaning to him. That was such welcome news.  So I finished boiling some eggs and finally got a bit of free time to play WoW.  I'm working on my epic fight form quest on the druid.  What an exercise in frustration.  I made it most of the way through but finally conceeded the need to respec and called it a night due to all the travel time I would have needed.

I've been riding my bike in on all but the coldest mornings.  The 20 min drive really adds up on the gas, so I'm going to ride as much as possible.  I also finally got some bags (not saddlebags, a sissy bar bag, and a tool bag for the front fork) so I've got a little more storage.  Now if it would just get WARM.

Tomorrow joe is having three teeth pulled (yay, the trouble not having dental insurance gets you once you do finally get it) so I'm sure the rest of his week is gonna suck.  At least dinner tonight will be the yum.
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eating healthy

Like so many other people this time of year, my efforts at losing some weight/getting in better shape have kicked off again.

I'm not using a specific diet plan, just trying to eat smarter and get off my duff more often.  So my personal specifics are less junk food, more fruits/veggies and 10k steps per day.
My average day is about 4k steps.  2 30 min walks gets me the other 6k.  So I'm trying to walk 30 min at lunch and 30 min with the dogs and thats easy and accomplished.

As for food - my biggest problem is with dining out.  My cooking is pretty healthy, mostly lean meats, no sauces, a veggie and a carb.  So its pretty solid, but boring for me (Joe loves it on the other hand) so I've been trying to come up with ways to expand the menu without also expanding the calories.

Green veggies are hard, I have a VERY short list of what I like, and mostly its salads and green beans.  I'll tolerate a few others.  A recent discussion on eschwa reminded me that a salad doesn't have to be the size of my head to count, and thats really helped me re-evaluate my meals.  

Now I'm working on the perfect salad.  I'm bringing a larger portion to work with me and eating a smaller one with dinner.  I'm also bringing at least one fruit with me to work.  Today for example I had a banana as my midmorning snack, the salad, and sliced strawberries.  For dinner I'm  making a roast, baked sweet potato and salad.  So I'm getting up to 5 and they are actually different colors!  I'm very proud of myself.
But really what this comes down to is the random things I'm adding to my salads to make them tasty and repeatable.  At lunch I'm adding a protein (leftover chicked or diced turkey breast, something like that), crumbling a couple baked bagel chips (faux croutons), craisens, quinoa (cold) and dressing.  I'm using a normal dressing, but portioning carefully - after all, I need some fat!  I realize all this stuff adds calories, but I'm using it all in very limited amounts. Its enough to keep each bite interesting and tasty.  

I also add cucumbers, hard boiled egg whites, carrots, etc if I have them handy.  

Anyone have yummy stuff they add to salads to keep them tasty?  I don't want to get bogged down and go back to eating out every day, so I need to keep it interesting.  

And its 1pm and my pedo is at 6k already.  YaY!

happy monday morning

yeah, not really.

I was up and ready on time, but I had about 30 pages left in my book and kinda lost track of time after eating breakfast, so I actually leave the house 15 min. late.

I get about 2 miles from home and the gas light comes on.  I waffle about if I have enough gas to get to work and backc to the cheaper side of town to refill and come to the conclusion that its probably tempting fate.  So I stop and throw 10 bucks (3 gallons, eek!) in the tank so I can hurry on to work.

I hop back in the car and here a rip/pop and realize I've just lost the button on my pants. Pants that are already quite loose.  I actually have 5 pairs of pants in the mail, but until they arrive, I'm kinda stuck in very loose pants.  There is no way I'm going to make it through the day without this button, so I detour to a walgreens, pick up a sewing kit and make it into work (all while holding up my pants with one hand, of course).

So I have my button sewed back on and was only 35 min late. :)  happy monday morning indeed.


awww (cheese alert)

I recently read an article about 'secrets of a happy marriage' or some schlock like that. Mostly it boiled down to making time for each other in a busy world, keep communicating and make each other a priority.

All stuff we know, but don't always practice. One of the stories that a woman shared was how she leaves post-it notes for her husband in random spots around the house (under the toilet seat being one I haven't tried out). But I thought it would be cute. (I did something like that when I went to India, left them in all kinds of places that he'd find over time).

So I've been leaving bits of song lyrics mostly (stuff we sing to each other) on the bathroom mirror, the coffee maker, etc.

Now I've started to get a few back and this morning I had one in my car on the rear view mirror. It said "baby, we're everything" (which is a quote from Rent in response to Angel asking Collins, "are we a thing?") and I almost cried, it was so sweet.

So, while its silly, cheesy and sappy, I think we're both enjoying it immensely.
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I went to chicago

I went to chicago to visit grog and I think all we did was eat and laugh.
Well, he slept, but apparently sleeping is no longer my MO.

He took me to Skylark for fried chicken and tater tots (I skipped the fried chicken in favor of a variety of appetizers) and they had Black Thorn cider on tap. It was awesome.

Then for sunday brunch we went to Orange and I had cinammon roll pancakes, which are topped with powdered sugar and glaze icing for all practical purposes. I ate a bit more than half I think, any more and I'd have died of a sugar coma on the ride home.

So I got home to find out that Joe had made plans to have dinner with his parents and THEN I had fried chicken at our little local joint.

While driving home I got a call from my mom telling me that my aunt had passed away earlier in the day. I moved away from my hometown at 18 and wasn't close to that side of my family, but I know its hard for mom. My aunt was the last living member of her immediate birth family. Obviously she still has her husband and her kids, but, I can only imagine how hard it is to lose a sibling.

Things worked out such that Joe and I can go to the funeral, which is tomorrow. It will be a long day of driving (2:45 or so each way) but its important to go.
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candle. both ends. etc.

With the exception of work, I've got too much on my hands right now. There are exactly two nights per week where we don't have some commitment. I was sick most of January and now going through a lovely run of insomnia.

So, forget it. I have dog obedience class tonight and can't even muster up any guilt for the fact that I'm going to skip it.

I've got all this stuff going on, but I don't feel like I'm actually DOING anything - so I'm going to make a concentrated effort to do the stuff that makes me happy and that I enjoy. It may not be mainstream stuff (I do greatly enjoy WoW, which is 'sorta social...demented and sad, but social') but its the stuff I want to do.

My first scheduled act of enjoy more, worry less is scheduling a trip to hang out with Grog in chicago. My world need more Grog.

I'm also going to try to post more, because when I look back on this journal in a few years, I hope to see something more than empty months and nothing interesting.

My first 200+ bowling game may not be interesting to the rest of the world, but to me it was a major accomplishment (happened in Jan.). So be prepared for the mundane.

And some new pics. I need new pics. I look at the journals of friends who post pics to flickr and such with regularity and not only do I not post them, I don't even take them! Thats something else I want to change. Puppy pics if nothing else! Loves mah dogs.
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